About Us

AbogadoMission Statement

Our mission is to create a nurturing, visionary, and disciplined office, which strives for excellence, champions our clients, and provides diverse immigration law services, advocacy, and education in a professional environment of fairness, compassion, and integrity.

Firm Overview

The Immigration Law Office of David N. Simmons is located in Denver, Colorado. However, we have U.S. immigration clients located across the U.S.A. and abroad. We represent clients in a wide range of U.S. immigration matters. You may be legally in the United States and want to change your status or to obtain your “green card.” You may be longing to reunite with a loved one who is overseas. Our law office can assist you.

David N. Simmons began practicing U.S. immigration law in the mid-1980s. Our law office only represents clients in U.S. immigration law matters. This means that we have a depth of expertise unmatched by the typical large firm with several areas of practice. Furthermore, our small size and experienced staff allow us to give your U.S. immigration case the attention it requires. We understand what it means to have your future in our hands.

U.S. immigration law has become increasingly complex in recent years. U.S. immigration enforcement has become stricter. Cases that once were easily approved are now closely scrutinized, and some are denied. In this climate, applicants for U.S. immigration benefits need experienced legal assistance. We have that experience. We will show you what individual options the U.S. immigration system gives you, help you choose the best option, then work with you to bring your U.S. immigration case to a successful conclusion.